Play Limbo Auctions Australia's Reverse Auction

Reverse Auction where the lowest unique bidder WINS. Get your free bids here! Play Limbo Auctions. Australia's favourite reverse auction where you pay cents for great items! Get your free bids here. Plasma TV & xBox sold for $2.94! How low will you go? Limbo Auctions where the lowest unique bid wins! Bid now.

At LIMBO AUCTIONS® it's the lowest unique bid that wins, not the hightest bid. You could pay just cents for amazing items like plasma TV's, electronics, holidays, fashion, vouchers and much more. You can buy these amazing items for so low because a small amount is paid to bid (from only 5 cents). They'll get you started with FREE bids so you can give it a go! Bid with confidence. All goods are brand name, brand new and come with full manufacturers warranties so you are protected. They'll even ship your goods fully insured for FREE! You'll have loads of fun and it's easy to LIMBO®. You'll receive a free welcome kit with easy instructions and getting started video. Get started today to claim you bonus FREE bid voucher up to $50



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