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Alienware M17 notebook
The first of Alienware's notebooks to offer an ATI CrossFireX™ graphics solution and features the world's first mobile quad-core Intel® processor.

Alienware Area-51® m15x notebook
Alienware engineered the Area-51® m15x notebook from the ground up for both performance and portability. Expert design, superior performance and innovative software are only the beginning.

Area-51®, Area-51® 7500, ALX CrossfireX®, Area-51® m15x, Area-51® m9750. For custom-built high-performance

notebook and desktop computers from Alienware. Custom-built high-performance notebook and desktop computers for gaming, home and professional use.

Alienware is the world’s leading creator of high-performance desktops and notebooks gaming, home and professional use. For over 11 years, Alienware has challenged the boundaries of PC building, finding freedom in the search for innovation rather than being held back by it

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