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Stop Hunger in Sri Lanka

Oxfam Unwrapped is a collection of life-changing gifts that give twice: once to a friend or loved one and secondly, to those who haven't got much at all.

The purchases friend or loved one receives a card, showing how their gift can make a difference in our work, and the donation goes to where it's needed most – supporting Oxfam's life-changing programs. oxfam unwrapped website

Oxfam Australia works with poor communities in 27 countries around the world, and this catalogue only contains real items that people around the world need to change their lives for the better.

Breakfast for a child
This really is the gift where those of us with a lot can help those with a little. Across southern Africa, AIDS is robbing millions of children of their parents. This gift will pay for servings of food for these orphans, and help fund the crèches that look after these kids. What an incredible gift that is.

Do you have a friend who’s always wanted to own a buffalo? Well now you can buy them that buffalo. This one ploughs paddocks, makes baby buffalos and changes the lives of the people who receive it.

Orphan Care
The more of these cards we sell, the more we can look after kids who have been orphaned by HIV in South Africa. This gift card will help provide love, security and education to some of the world's most vulnerable children. Can you think of a friend or loved one who'd appreciate that?




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