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1. Australian Womens Weekly (NZ) 2. Dish 3. MiNDFOOD 4. NZ House & Garden 5. NZ Gardener 6. Cuisine 7. TV Guide 8. Reader's Digest (NZ) 9. Healthy Food Guide 10. That's Life! (NZ) 11. Good 12. NZ Life & Leisure 13. Your Home & Garden (NZ) 14. homestyle 15. New Zealand Woman's Weekly 16. Woman's Day (NZ) 17. Taste 18. Next (NZ) 19. New Idea (NZ) 20. M2WOMAN

Australian Womens Weekly (NZ)
Food Magazine
Healthy Food Guide
Little Treasures (NZ)
New Idea (NZ)
New Zealand Fitness
New Zealand Woman's Weekly
Next (NZ)
North & South (NZ)
NZ Gardener
NZ House & Garden
Reader's Digest (NZ)
That's Life! (NZ)
Weekend Gardener
Woman's Day (NZ)
Your Home & Garden (NZ)

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