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EOS Platinum 7 plate water ionizer/alkaliser
Made by EOS HiTech, with 300 watts of power and 7 plates the Platinum can create the perfect water for any situation: alkaline with smaller water molecule cluster size, high in antioxidants and ionic mineral quality, - the best purified and ionised drinking water for you and your family.

The EOS Platinum is powerful, and by choice it offers an excellent range of alkaline and acidic pH, and strong antioxidant potential, which makes it well suited for treatment of various health issues, such as cancer, diabetes, gout, skin conditions, etc. It is frequently present in Health and Medical clinics.

More enjoyment at home, with so many different usages for drinking, cooking and even cleaning: With its strong acidic pH capacity it is also well suited to desinfect and sterilise.

The Platinum offers a range of pH 11 alkaline water and pH 3 acidic water, depending on mineral content of source water. It is even possible to get higher alkaline levels than pH11 and lower than pH 3 with ideal mineral content of the source water. The same applies to high ORP values, which are also depending on the mineral content of the source water.

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